• Using Linked In to Grow Your Business

    August 23, 2017
    Want to use Linked In to Grow Your Small Business? Click on the link below for steps on using this platform to enhance your growth experience.

    Click Here

    I also wanted to make you aware of the tools that are currently being leveraged at universities, libraries, and employment resource centers across the country.  These tools are great for your community members searching for jobs, researching salary or diversifying income through freelance work.
    ProFindera freelance marketplace. We are frequented by professionals looking to hire experts in areas like design, writing or software engineering. This platform helps small businesses connect with independent professionals right in their community to execute project based work.
    Jobs: LinkedIn allows you to harness the power of your network and get hired. LinkedIn Jobs surfaces insights such as who you know and if alumni work at a company, providing you an edge in your job search.
    Salary: LinkedIn has tapped it's user-base of more than 500+ million members to provide deep insights into the compensation landscape. This includes salary, bonus, and equity data for specific job titles, and the different factors that impact pay such as years of experience, industry, company size, location, and education level - all of which becomes critical knowledge as you navigate your career.