• News Release: 3/22/2020

    March 22, 2020
    TEAM's ministry is fluid as we respond to the current situation. 
    RESALE SHOP - As of Thursday, March 19 we have closed our Resale Shop until further notice.  Likewise, we are not receiving Resale donations until further notice.
    ASSISTANCE MINISTRY – We are continuing to serve the community during our ministry hours, Tuesday and Thursday 10AM –2 PM but for FOOD ONLY.  We are not currently able to handle financial needs.
    OUR IMMEDIATE NEEDS – We anticipate food requests to increase in the near term. Several food pantries in the surrounding area are currently closed. Although our supply is good right now, we do need food donations from the community. We will receive donations Wednesdays & Fridays between the hours of 10AM – 2PM. Donations are received in the alley behind our building, at the double doors marked “Food Donations.” Donors should knock when they arrive.
    SPECIFICS – Bring non-perishable food items that you would normally purchase for your family. A few specific needs include canned vegetables, fruit, beans, rice, cereal, and small jars of peanut butter.
    Thank you for your ongoing support of TEAM and these efforts to serve our community. It is a privilege to represent our Lord Jesus Christ in these efforts.
    Karen Guiles, Tomball Benevolence Network Community Liaison
    (517) 648-4159