• Tomball ISD Special Education Support

    January 08, 2020
    Tomball ISD Special Education Support 

    Tomball ISD's 18+ programming is for special education students who have completed their high school state required credits but require continued services to obtain and maintain employment, employable skills, access to secondary education or agencies and continue to develop independent living skills.  The primary focus is for students to obtain sustainable employment or post-secondary educational opportunities. 
    To achieve this, we develop relationships with local businesses to provide students the opportunity to explore various jobs, develop on-the-job skills, gain internships and eventual paid employment.  Tomball ISD works to make sure student's post high school endeavors are sustainable by addressing common obstacles such as transportation , job opportunities, and supporting soft skills in the workplace.
    Currently, our greatest need is ensuring students have access to ongoing transportation to and from the 
    workplace/community college that can be maintained once the school bus stops coming.  We appreciate all
    Chamber businesses who currently partner with us and look forward to additional partnerships in Tomball.  If you
    are interested in learning more about supporting our students in your business, please contact Marcia deLeyer  at
    Marcia deLeyer