• Community Impact Message

    April 13, 2020
    Central to our mission at Community Impact Newspaper is helping local businesses thrive. As our business community struggles to contend with the strain brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, the strong relationships we’ve built with chambers of commerce throughout our markets are more critical than ever.
    Like all local businesses, our family-owned newspaper has been adversely affected. In response, we have created a new program called #CommunityPatron that will help ensure the quality service that our readers and partners have come to value continues. We recognize that when our nation emerges from this isolation, our local businesses will need a trusted, local platform like never before. 
    So we are asking for your help. 
    We would greatly appreciate it if you could share our message with your friends and partners, encouraging them to contribute. Any amount helps.
    We have faith in our community’s resilience to survive this troublesome time. Thank you for your support.