• Funds Development Manager

    Shield Bearer Counseling Centers
    Job Description
    It’s time to do work you can believe in. Work that tangibly changes communities, families, and individuals. It is time to go home after a workday feeling accomplished and fulfilled.

    Shield-Bearer Counseling Centers is seeking someone ready to make a conscious decision to work for an organization whose mission they feel passionate about. A mission that heals, restores, and strengthens individuals, families, and communities at large.

    Do you have impeccable integrity?
    Are you a people person?
    Do you build relationships? Make connections?
    Are you a good listener?
    Motivated? And can you motivate others?
    A hard worker?
    Do you have high expectations for yourself?
    Are you a strong communicator and public speaker?
    Do you have perseverance?
    Are you passionate about helping others?
    Have high energy? 
    We’re seeking an individual to lead our fundraising efforts, driven by the critical work we started in 2005 and continue to do throughout Greater Houston and beyond!
    Your quest, should you accept it, would be to plan and execute community events, write grants, find donors & sponsors, and communicate our message by engaging community members. Do you have the skills and experience? We want to hear from you.

    Email your resume and cover letter: tcardine@shieldbearer.org
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